Friday, August 28, 2009

See You Later My Friend

A lot of things have been happening since my last blog post in June. Actually, the day I was writing a post here, I received news that a friend had passed away in his sleep. He was only 42 years old. After that, I just could not bring myself to continue.

We mourned his passing. All of us dealt with it in our own ways. The night before the wake, I dreamed sitting in my truck with him. He was showing me where to park my truck to attend his wake... LOL, yah, that would be his weird sense of humor. The spot was next to playground. And during the night of his wake, I had to circle around two rounds looking for a parking, before parking exactly on the same spot next to the playground just like in the dream.

I did not attend his funeral. I had to go to Indonesia to do some work. Can't remember exactly when, but when I got back to KL, I had a dream again. This time, I saw my friend walking towards me in a night market. I asked him if he had any message for us or his family. He did not answer a single word. And then I got a distinct feeling that he was slowly loosing his memory of us. He looked blank. And then he walked through a door and left.

I guess, it was his way of saying, "See you later."

Yes, see you later, my friend.

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