Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selecting A Tablet

I have been thinking about getting a tablet for my kids for a while now. My rationale is to provide them access to online learning materials whenever they need and to get on video conference call with me whenever I travel.

We do have a PC at home for them to use. But they have been banned from using the home computer for quite sometime now. Reason for the ban is because they will spent too much time on YouTube and online gaming. There was no way to control what they can do on the PC.

Hence, the tablet. With an Android tablet (not sure if it is possible to do that on an iPad) I can set a PIN for each app to lock and prevent it from launching.

So, my idea is to lock all the apps with a PIN and only allow the apps I choose to launch without the PIN.

That way I can lock the web browsers but allow them access to the Wikipedia app or any other educational apps I install for them.

So, the question is which tablet to get for them. Right now I am leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Plus 7 inch version. Alternatives are  the Nexus 7 or even the Samsung  Galaxy Note.

Still can't decide yet. Will wait and see.

Btw, that app to lock other apps is called Perfect AppLock. Go check it out.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 in June for the wife. Got it at a very good price.

Of course, I got to test it out first. It was only just recently that I got myself the S2. I really liked it. Especially the Android OS. I found it to be so much more flexible than the iOS. IMHO, the S3, like the Galaxy Nexus, has the perfect screen size for a smart phone.

But most importantly, my wife loved it.

Camping At Jerankang Waterfall

April was a pretty busy month. I took the boys camping at Jerangkang Waterfall in Pahang state together with my friends. Suffice to say that is was part of my annual all-male friends trip to somewhere. (Last year's was to Terengganu for sotong or squid fishing.)

It was a fun trip for Joel and Jordan. It  was their first trip camping and  hiking. Build their first fire too. Posted some photos of the trip here.

Blogger Android App

Have not been posting since April. That same month I decided to start updating my blogs from my mobile phone. I downloaded a mobile app called Blogger-droid. Was pretty pleased with it; that is until I found out about it's highly intrusive mobile ads system. And I mean irritatingly so.

Uninstalled it and have not been blogging since. The funny thing was  that I was not aware that Google had a mobile app for Blogger. I remembered searching for it in the marketplace but it was not available. Not sure why.

Anyway, long story short, I found it today. Hence this post. So, here is another attempt to kick-start my blog updates.

Btw, Blogger's mobile app is called Blogger.

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