Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dr Who Sonic Screw Driver

Woke up late today.

Was up till 4 am this morning on my PlayStation 3 checking out the new Skyrim update. Had to delete the game data and reinstall the game as the latest patch seemed to cause the game to freeze and hanged the system whenever the character entered water.

After the reinstallation, my quests went pretty well.... lol. And as usual before I know it, it was 4 am.

Well that was why I got up late. Now back to the Dr Who sonic screw driver. When I came downstairs, Joel was excitedly telling me that he made a sonic screw driver. I must say that it looked pretty good considering the fact that it was made from paper and cellophane tapes. I decided to spray it with silver paint to give it a metallic look.

Joel, Jordan and Jodene have been Dr Who fans for the longest time. I introduced them the show a couple of years back. I myself have been a fan since I was a teenager when I watched a couple of episodes on the television broadcasted by the Brunei TV station. I used to stay in Miri, Sarawak, where we could received their broadcast; and then continued with the series on PBS when I studied in Canada.

Anyway, I interviewed Joel in the following video.

I am actually looking forward to see what my kids will come up with next.

Maybe I will give them some additional art and craft items to see what they will fabricate... lol.

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DIY Paper Toys

Here are some of the paper toys made by my kids.

Armed with cellophane tapes, papers, scissor and their creativity, they will fabricate items they see in the movies like Indiana Jones hat, PS3 Uncharted game items, X-men, etc.

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3 Rooms Apartment Made From McDonald Happy Meals

Last weekend, my wife decided to give a treat to our three kids.

Yup, McDonald Happy Meal is considered a treat in this part of the world.

The next morning when I got downstairs, I found a three bedroom house with a pool made out of the happy meals.

LOL... after they were finished with the meals, with cellophane tapes and a scissor as their tools they went to work.

I have always encouraged them to be creative and this is just one of their many projects.

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Trying Out Mobile Blogging

Have not been updating my blog for so long. Thought I will start blogging again from my mobile phone.

Recently, I got a pretty good deal on  a Samsung Galaxy S2 and decided to dump my five years old Dopod D810. Yup, that Taiwan company that was bought over by HTC years ago.

It has been almost two months now since I got the new phone. The Swype feature is really superb!! And the number of apps available from Google Play is amazing!

I found this blogging apps for called Blogger-Droid and this is my first post using the app.

So far the user experience is pretty good. With this app I hope to be updating more often.

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