Monday, April 12, 2010

Tire Puncture of the Loud Kind

Two weeks ago, after dropping my sons off at school in the morning, I had a tire puncture about 30 feet away from my house. There was a loud "pop" coming from the left side of my car. Even my neighbor came out from his house to see what was going on.

I stopped the car in front of my house and was quite shocked to see a metal plate sticking out from the tire. I took out the metal plate to find a 2" rod attached to the metal plate. The blunt metal rod had penetrated the tire when I drove over it. The bluntness of the metal rod probably created that loud "pop" when it was forced into the tire.

I removed the punctured tire and took it to a tire shop in Sri Putra, Bangi and was told that it could not be repaired and that I needed to change it. They did not have any stock for my wheel size and needed to place an order, which they said would take 2 to 3 days to arrive.

I was bummed. Then while on the way out of Sri Putra, I saw another tire shop and decided to get a second opinion. I asked the guy there and he said it could be repaired... LOL. At first I was skeptical, but then he took out 2 tire repair strips and inserted them into the tire. Sure enough, it worked and saved me hundreds of dollars!!!

I have been driving for almost two weeks now and the tire worked great!!!

It goes to show that it pays to get a second opinion! You can bet that I will never return to that first tire shop again... LOL.

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