Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Sister is back from New Zealand!

My sister decided to come back for a holiday after about 3 to 4 years away in New Zealand. They arrived last night. The Malaysia Airline (MAS) flight from New Zealand was delayed and arrived way behind schedule. I had to wait for more than 1 hour plus at KLIA. So who says only low fare airline are late! LOL...

My sister, Connie and her husband Ching Tong, standing behind my kids, Jodene and Jordan on the hammock. Joel took the photo.

Joel have been having fun with the camera.

They will be flying back to Sibu to visit family and friends this coming Thursday. Before that, they plan to do some major shopping in Kuala Lumpur before flying off.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Kids' First Encounter with a Mouse

A mouse had been staying with the family for a week now. I tried chasing it out of the house but it always managed to hide in the storeroom beneath the stairs. We suspected that it must have gotten into the house through one of those drainage holes in the bathrooms.

Every night my wife would be telling me, "Did you hear that?". "What's that sound coming from the kitchen?" The kids would be giggling... curious and yet frightened. LOL.

So last Saturday, I decided to go to the ACE Hardware store and get me one of those mouse trap. (While I was in ACE Hardware, I found something interesting there too.)

That night, at about 10:00pm, I set the mouse trap up in the kitchen. I used a piece of Cheezel as the bait. Before we knew it, the trap was sprung. At about midnight, I went into the kitchen and saw the mouse in the trap... yeah!

The next morning, my kids were thrilled to discover the mouse in the trap. They were full of questions. Like why did it come to the house. Where does it live? And like any self-respecting parent who can't face the truth, I told them a Disney-type story. You dun wanna know! LOL.


Let me out!

Yeah, it was a tiny mouse... :-)

Jodene looking at the mouse.

Joel and Jodene beside the mouse trap.

I got the feeling that the kids wanted to keep it as a pet. Obviously, the lady in the house would have none of that... LOL.

Later that day, I drove it some distance from the house before letting it go. The mouse fled in a blink of an eye. Hopefully that's the last time we get to see of it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bigfoot Footprints Found in Daro District, Sarawak

According to Sarawak's daily newspaper, The Borneo Post, footprints of "Bigfoot" were found in Daro, a small village some distance from Sibu.

A close up photo of the "Bigfoot" footprint.

The local community taking a closer look at the "Bigfoot" footprints.

Local kids gathering around to watch. The "Bigfoot" footprint measures 47 inches by 17 inches.

Check out the gap distance between the left and the right "Bigfoot" footprints. It must have been about 15-20 feet tall? - Original Article and Photos from The Borneo Post Online.

Wow, I would never imagine that something like that could happen in our own backyard. I mean, we only watch and hear about this kind of x-files from Discovery channel or from the movies... LOL

The Six Million Dollar Man

Back in the 70s (still in Miri, Sarawak), when I was about 12, I used to watch and follow The Six Million Dollar Man television series. I can't remember clearly, but there were a few episodes dedicated to "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch". After searching on IMDB, here are the information links to the episodes:

These shows made a big impression on me then. It was the first time, that I had ever heard of giants called "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch".

The Bionic Woman

In any case, the two episodes were so successful that Bigfoot returned in The Bionic Woman for two fantastic episodes:
Back in those days, no one could rely on ever finish watching a complete season of any TV series on our Malaysian Television networks. Sometimes, episodes were even thrown out of sequence, e.g. you will watch episodes 4 before you watch episode 3. Their reliability were a lot to be desired.

However, I was residing in Miri during that time and we could receive television broadcast from Brunei, it is sad to say that Brunei were much more reliable in their broadcasting than their Malaysian counterparts.

The Bionic Woman (2007)

Recently, NBC announced the return of The Bionic Woman (2007). I have watched a few episodes and found the series wanting. The big question is, will they bring back the "Bigfoot" story line? I for one hope so, but in the meantime, I will stay clear of it... LOL

The "Daro BigFoot"

I have a knack for letting my mind wander and get off topic... LOL. Anyway, I do hope that there will be more evidences of the "Daro Bigfoot" and hopefully a sighting with photographic or video evidences.

As it is, Daro is attracting a lot of curious tourists. Lets hope some international broadcaster/producer will pursue and investigate this further.

Btw, check out this fan-made Six Million Dollar Man - Bigfoot Tribute:

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