Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Kids' First Encounter with a Mouse

A mouse had been staying with the family for a week now. I tried chasing it out of the house but it always managed to hide in the storeroom beneath the stairs. We suspected that it must have gotten into the house through one of those drainage holes in the bathrooms.

Every night my wife would be telling me, "Did you hear that?". "What's that sound coming from the kitchen?" The kids would be giggling... curious and yet frightened. LOL.

So last Saturday, I decided to go to the ACE Hardware store and get me one of those mouse trap. (While I was in ACE Hardware, I found something interesting there too.)

That night, at about 10:00pm, I set the mouse trap up in the kitchen. I used a piece of Cheezel as the bait. Before we knew it, the trap was sprung. At about midnight, I went into the kitchen and saw the mouse in the trap... yeah!

The next morning, my kids were thrilled to discover the mouse in the trap. They were full of questions. Like why did it come to the house. Where does it live? And like any self-respecting parent who can't face the truth, I told them a Disney-type story. You dun wanna know! LOL.


Let me out!

Yeah, it was a tiny mouse... :-)

Jodene looking at the mouse.

Joel and Jodene beside the mouse trap.

I got the feeling that the kids wanted to keep it as a pet. Obviously, the lady in the house would have none of that... LOL.

Later that day, I drove it some distance from the house before letting it go. The mouse fled in a blink of an eye. Hopefully that's the last time we get to see of it.

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