Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Batang Trip to Sungai Lembing

This was the second Batang Trip organised by the guys (coordinated by John :-). A Batang Trip simply means an all male trip, where we just camped and roughed it out. The objective of the trip was to eat good local food and drink beers till kingdom come!

The last trip was to Pangkor Island, where we camped in a secluded private beach. This time around, the trip was to Sungai Lembing. A small town in the state of Pahang. The main event was an hour's hike to what they called "The Rainbow Waterfall".

If I have only a couple of things to say, I would have to say that the Rainbow Waterfall was CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL. This is a MUST visit waterfall of Malaysia. The following are some photos and video I took of the Batang Trip with my old Dopod D810... LOL.

The gateway into the town of Sungai Lembing.

Ed taking out his DSLR to shoot some photos.

John (left) with his DSLR and Joe looking at the tantalizing roasted pork being chopped up. Sg. Lembing is supposedly to be famous for their roasted pork.

Noticed the Wild Geeks Adventure Club T-shirt worn by Joe. Nice!

All the DSLR camera men taking an interest in how the roasted pork was being chopped up into pieces.

KC and Leo posing at one of the suspended bridge across the Sg. Lembing or Lembing River.

Instead of camping out, this time we stayed at a home-stay bungalow that we rented really cheap for two nights!

Ed and Julian taking turns with the tap water. Signage of the place where we stayed. Just call the numbers on the signage to book.

The other visitors to the waterfall.

Not all dare to venture into the icy cold water... LOL.

KC and Leo recovering from their dip in the icy pool.

The guides relaxing by the rocks.

Some of the visitors climbing up higher to get a better view of the waterfall.

The "batangs" resting after a swim in the pool.

George looking for food!

A majestic view of the waterfall through my lousy phone camera.

The base of the waterfall.

The Rainbow Waterfall in all its glory.

After coming back from a rough 4WD ride and a long hike to and from The Rainbow Waterfalls, we ate lunch at the local coffee shops. Loh and Tien Soon catching up with their text messages and news via their mobile phones.

Julian and Viji waiting for their local noodles and kueh.

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