Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Useful Addons for Firefox

I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser when version 1.5 was released back in 2005. Prior to that I was using Internet Explorer.

The main reason I switched to Firefox was primarily due to the "gesture" navigation add-on feature. From what I can remember, "gesture" was first introduced as a browsing feature in Opera, but I did not like the way Opera render web pages. Firefox 1.5 renders web pages to my liking and it became my primary web browser till this day.

Currently, I am using the latest Firefox 3 Beta 5. But I was waiting for the "All-in-One Gesture" add-on to support this current beta version before I made the full switch. Unfortunately, the "All-in-One Gesture" add-on has not been upgraded to support Firefox version 3.0 yet.

Then along came the "FireGesture" add-on. It is very customisable and comes with other cool features! It was the catalyst that made me switched to Firefox 3 Beta 5 full time... :-)

The other cool Firefox add-on features that I found to be indispensable for me are:
  • Flashblock - Gotta love this extension!!! It is perfect for blocking those annoying FLASH-based content. You can choose to load them whenever you want by clicking on those placeholders on the web pages.
  • Grab and Drag - A very useful scrolling feature for browsing web pages that exceeds the boundaries of the browser window. When activated, a hand will appear as your cursor that will allow you to grab and drag the web page to scroll in all directions.
Btw, there are many cool new features for Firefox 3.0. If you are interested to find out more, you can check it out here - Firefox 3.0 new features.

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