Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathetic Wings Fan

After about 4 years, 7 out of 8 of my 5-blades Wing ceiling fans had problems with the speed control (no LOW or MEDIUM control, only HIGH).

I called up Wing and they sent a technician. He said that he needed to replace the electronic portion of all the fans (before he even check or take a look at a single fan). Looked like they knew it all along that the problem would be the electronics.

To replace the electronic part, I need to pay RM60 for each replacement, and I need to give them back the old electronic part. I asked him why need to give back the old part, he says it is their company policy. WTF!!!

In the end, I only replaced 1 fan and decided not to replace the rest. Lets just say, I will NEVER ever buy a Wing ceiling fan again or any Alpha products again. Ptui!


AntiqueWatches said...

the pcb actually can be repaired, thats why they took back the old old repaired and sell back to customer, i guess

Jack said...

Yeah, I guess so. In the end, got all of them repaired at my neighborhood electronic shop for RM20 apiece. Still working after 8 years.

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