Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creative Fun with a Mini Inflatable Pool

Since being told that they were now not allowed to watch cartoons, play video games and surfing the Internet, my kids have been very creative in creating their own fun. Again, this morning I woke up to hear their loud laughter and chatting coming from the back of the house.

Yesterday they built a toy house out of foam tiles and were happily playing hide and seek. Today is no different, they somehow managed to dig out an inflatable mini pool from somewhere. I did not even know or remember we even have a mini inflatable pool... Hahaha.

They setup their mini pool up at the backyard of the house and the three of them were just having a swell time... LOL.

Earlier this month, they had somehow managed to find and setup a 6' swimming pool, and filled it up with water. They were told that they were not allowed to do that again unless specific permissions were granted. They were told that water was a scarce resource and that we do not want to waste the litres of water. (We managed to use the water to soak and clean our window curtains... LOL.)

Anyway, they are still having fun at the back while I am writing this post. It is suddenly very quiet. Hmmm... I better end this and go check on them. Cheers.

Latest Update!

My instinct was right!!! I knew it was too quiet! And this is what I get for slacking off. They have now gotten out the 6' pool and filled it with water.

Immediately, they started blaming each other for being the one to suggest taking out the pool without permission. Of course, all were pointing their fingers at their little sister, knowing that she will not be punished. We will see about that... I promised them that all will get equal punishment.

Hmm... getting quiet again!


truey said...

cool, u got 2 somemore! maybe my sis should read the post before she buys it, lol

Jack said...

Hahah... I did not realise we even had two. I think can also exchange with Maybank Treats Points if I am not mistaken. Cheers!

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