Sunday, October 17, 2010

Running Two Firefox Browser Profiles Concurrently

Last week, I was trying to learn how to develop a Firefox extension. One of the things I discovered, that was useful, was that I could create another Firefox profile and use that specifically for development.

So now, I have a "default" profile that I use for my daily work-related stuff and a "dev" profile that I use for researching into developing Firefox add-ons.

When I need to, I just launched the appropriate profile to suit my tasks.

Today, I wanted to launch two sessions of the Firefox browsers as I needed to log in to two different Gmail accounts (one of my many Gmail accounts is reaching the quota and I needed to transfer some of my emails... LOL).

I Googled and found this blog post on how you could run multiple copies of Firefox -

If you don't want to read the entire blog post and want to quickly get going, just do like what I did:

1. Press the "WINDOWS" key and "R".
2. Type in "firefox -P profile_name -no-remote".
3. Press the "ENTER" key.
4. A "Firefox - Choose User Profile" pop-up will appear. You can create a new profile or use an existing one.

Launch as many profiles as you need by following the above steps :-) Btw, I am using Windows 7. So the steps for other Windows versions might be different.

Also, if you like, you can create a Windows shortcuts for each profile you created. Cheers.

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