Monday, October 17, 2011

Joel and Jordan Catching their First Fishes

After watching several episodes of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, my two sons were inspired. To top if off, they have been playing some fishing game on their mom's Ipad 2. They have both been bugging me about taking them go fishing. And I did just that two weekends ago and here are the results :-)

You can see the disappointment of not catching anything.

Joel with the fish he caught.

Jordan holding up the the fish that Joel caught.

He was worried about not catching anything... after he caught one, he was relief and pretty proud of himself.

A close-up of Jordan and the fish.

Caught four fishes. All tilapia of the cichlid fish family.

Check out the following videos:

First time for everything, Jordan trying to hold a live fish in his hand.

Joel so happy to have caught his fish.

Jordan finally caught a fish too.

Letting all the fishes go.

Now they are constantly bugging me to take them fishing. Unfortunately, the last couple of weekends have been pretty busy. Maybe this Saturday... LOL.

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