Friday, March 21, 2008

After 6 years, I made money from Google Adsense!

This morning, I received a cheque from Google Inc. for USD 101.12!

When I first saw the envelope on my table in the office, I had thought that it was my monthly HSBC's credit card bill (which they keep sending me, even though I had already canceled the cards). The envelope was too light and lack the customary HSBC branding.

The next thing that came to mind, was that it was a pathetic dividend payout cheque from some shit shares I still own and can't sell due to the low price (quite a few I might add). Only when I opened the envelope did I realise that it was indeed a cheque, but from Google Inc.

I was thrilled and excited. Not because of the payout amount, but because it was from Google, the company I most admired! I had signed up with Google Adsense 6 years ago and placed the ad on my website in the most obscured location imaginable.

Just late last year, I added adsense to this blog, only because it was so easy to do so and that I could do it with a few clicks... :-)

With the cheque stashed away safely, I went for breakfast with my colleagues, Tien Soon, Edwin and Mei Wei. During breakfast, I proudly informed them that I received a cheque from Google. To my surprise, Tien Soon explained that he gets a USD100 cheque from Google almost every month.

"What??" was my initial reaction. Turns out that the resourceful Tien Soon, has been making money from his blog. He has put a lot of hard work into the blog. I must say that the site is very impressive and informative!

I do not know how long Tien Soon has been doing this, but he is using the ad proceeds to payoff his study loan. Quite impressive!

So! Tien Soon's exploits have led me to think that I could imitate his successes as well. If you have not already noticed it, this blog is now almost completely bombarded with Google ads... hahaha... I know, I know... I am overdoing it! Will probably remove them later... LOL.

Wait till I get enough money to pay off my trial bike first lah... :-P

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