Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sad and Angry

I was just on the line with Hor Fun. He, together with Peng and Spencer made it back to Singapore safely. Hor Fun, however, related to me an incident that happened to them while having supper at a stall around KLCC, that left him and his friends in shock!

Just before 3am, right after having supper, they walked back to their car, which was parked in KLCC. On their way back , while walking on the side walk pavement, a group of about 10 motorcyclists came and accosted them.

One of the motorist went up the curb onto the side walk and pulled Peng. They were shouting and speaking in Malay, which neither of the boys understood. Spencer helped to free Peng from the Mat Rempit and the 3 of them ran for the fear of their lives with the rempits chasing them.

Luckily they managed to get to their car and immediately left for Singapore. This must have been a traumatic experience for them. I feel embarrass as a Malaysian and really feel sorry for them having to have to go through that.

The fact that this happened around KLCC was deplorable! KLCC is supposedly to be the pride of all Malaysians. If you cannot feel safe around KLCC, where the fuck can you feel safe in this country? Johor Baru???

I am angry. I guess, the problem lies with me. I was the one naive enough to tell them that KLCC is a safe place. Trust me, I will never ever tell anyone, especially foreigners, that KL or any fucking place in Malaysia is a safe place to be.

Sad and angry.

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