Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Old friend from Vancouver, Canada Came Calling

An old friend from Vancouver, Canada came and visited with his family.

I had not seen him for almost 13 years. So it was great to be able to catch up with him. My wife and kids seemed to take an instant liking to my friend's family. I guess being of the Hakka dialect helps. Immediately after they met for the first time, they started conversing in Hakka like long lost friends... LOL.

I wish I had more time to take them around. So many food to try and places to explore... LOL. I had only managed to take them to Seremban to try out the Hakka noodles at the Wet Market and then a drive down to Melaka to try out the Hainan Chicken with rice balls, durian chendol and satay. Of course, they had to conduct the obligatory walk down Jonker Street. We were only in Melaka during the day and hence, did not have the chance to let them savor the fantastic night cuisine.

I did manage to get them to visit one tourist spot though... Mini Malaysia, where they explored the many different Kampung stilt houses. On their own, they had visited most parts of KL earlier... so the customary shopping requirement had been fulfilled.

Jordan, Brandon, Joel Jodene and Isabell in front of my house.

David, Isabell and Brandon.

Jodene, Jordan, Reis, Joel and Jessie.

David and Brandon in front of a Kampung house in Mini Malaysia in Melaka.

Isabell climbing up to a Khadazan bamboo house.

Isabell, Jessie, Brandon and David on the suspension bridge in Mini Malaysia.

On Saturday, David and his family left for Hong Kong. Just before that, I managed to squeeze in a detour to Nilai 3 for a quick shopping break... LOL. They will spend a week in Hong Kong before leaving for Vancouver. I hope I get to see them in 2 years, as we had agreed to go vacationing in Thailand or China together with some other friends.


david liaw said...

Hey Jack and everyone at home. We would like to thank you, Reis and the kids for your wonderful hospitality. We had a great time while in kl. It was great seeing an old friend again. Brendan and Isabel loved playing with Joel, Jordan and Jodene. The trip to Melaka was great and the highlight for me was the food! Yes! always love to try out the local food. once again thank you.

Jack Hii said...

Yo David, no problem at all... my kids really misses Isabel and Brendan... LOL. Lets get together soon... :-)

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