Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its not a Bike, It's Like a Bike

I was browsing the blog-sphere when I saw the Google advertisement saying, "LIKEaBIKE". I was thinking, "What do you mean like a bike? Is it a bike or not?" I was curious and so I followed the link. According to the website, "The LIKEaBIKE is a unique toy vehicle for children between the ages of two and five. Riding a LIKEaBIKE is incredible fun for kids! At the same time, it's highly beneficial for the development of their motor skills and sense of balance."

Check out the models below:

I have been trying to teach my 8 years old to ride his bike to no avail. I think this LIKEaBIKE will definitely help him to attain his balancing skills.

Check out this 2 years old on the LIKEaBIKE!

PVGlider Bike

As usual, I started "googling" for similar balancing or gliding bikes and found this cool alternative called PVGlider.

Check out the video below:

A 1 and a half year old riding a bike!

I think I am going to modify my son's bike and remove the training wheels and pedals! That should allow him to learn to glide and balance first...

I will update the results here later... LOL.


Anonymous said...

Haha... this is how I'm teaching my girl to cycle, imagine 5"5 on a BMX trying to learn how to balance and "move" the bike, but it's easier than learning with my MTB. After few lessons, she can pedal around, still wobbly though. Now can rebuild my Trek for her. -Henry

Jack Hii said...

COOL!!! These few days, raining heavily, so I cannot take my kid out. Will try to get him on this evening... LOL.

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