Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally, Joel Learned to Ride a Bicycle!

After my last blog post, "Its not a Bike, It's Like a Bike," I have been wanting to get Joel to learn to ride a bicycle using the same "pedal-less" method.

Notice that the bike's pedal had been removed.

So today, I removed the training wheels and the pedals on Joel's bike. Then I told him to use both his legs to push the bike forward. As the bike moves forward, I told him to lift up his legs and roll forward on the momentum.

Within 2 tries, he managed to roll his bike downhill without using his feet to touch the ground! The next challenge was to get him to move forward by pedaling. And so, I installed back the pedals and got him pedaling within the first try!

Like any father seeing his child learn to do something for the first time, I was very proud of him.

Now Joel will be able to go riding with his elder sister, Nicole, instead of just watching on the road side... :-)

Jordan and Jodene standing by their elder brother.

I got him to give this confident pose... LOL.

Jodene pointing at Joel.

A video of Joel rolling down the hill on his bike.

And now Jordan and Jodene are bugging me to get them a small size bike so that they can learn as well... and it is no surprise that Joel is looking forward to riding his bike tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yaa.. so do geeks have 3 new jr member? -Henry

Jack Hii said...

Hahaha... definitely!

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