Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joel's 9th Birthday and Some Cherries

Here we go again... this time it is Joel's birthday. Joel and my birthday falls on December. Joel's on 28th and mine in early December. As usual, the debate on whose birthday starts first goes into another cycle... LOL.

A couple of days before his birthday, Joel had been reminding me to buy him a birthday cake. On the day itself, I would have forgotten if my wife had not called me in the morning to remind me... heheh... phew! And so on the day of his birthday, we went to Giant in Nilai to choose his birthday cake... which was a family favourite... cheese cake... yummy... LOL.

Joel was so happy to celebrate his birthday.

Jordan, Joel, my wife and Jodene.

Jordan enjoying the cream.

Joel had wanted a cheese cake with strawberry but the bakery we went to, did not have any cakes with strawberry toppings. And so I used my charms to convince him that cherry is a type of straw"berry"... LOL and that cherry taste very nice too. Obviously, none of the kids were convinced.

That night after blowing out the candles, the kids got to try the cherries for the first time in their life... and here are the results... LOL.

Cherries forever... not.

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