Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jordan!

Every year, the family will be celebrating 5 birthdays month after month starting from November through to February, and then in April for the 6th one.

And Jordan's birthday is the one that kicks off the monthly birthday celebration. Of course, when you talk about birthdays, my 5 years old daughter will be asking why Jordan's birthday always starts first... LOL. And that will start a debate among her siblings about which one is first, then counting down to the one in April.

I tried explaining to them that technically, the year starts in January and therefore the first birthday should be in January, which is their mom's. Deaf ears I tell you! In the end, I just let them "figure" it out, and decide among themselves which one "starts" first.

My kids, Jodene, Nicole, Jordan and Joel, or Feb, April, Nov and Dec... if you like... LOL.

Jordan and Joel eager to cut the cheese cake.

Cute little Jared.

The family, my wife, Nicole, my mom, Jordan, Joel and Jodene.

Jodene, my mom and Nicole.

Lets see who gets to cut the cheesecake.

After much ado about nothing, the children's conclusion is that Jordan's birthday on November 14th is the first and Nicole is the last in April. Who wants to argue with that? Not me!

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