Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 3rd Day

Its been two days now.... and so far I still enjoy exercising on my new mountain bike. Its fun when you can do some sight seeing and exercising at the same time.

Yesterday, I purposely cycled to a construction yard to try out the "mountain" climbing capability of the bike on the rough tracks there... I must say it was very satisfying to put the bike to good use. Having said that, I am also learning how to handle the bike on rough terrain.... Hokkien people will say I "hiau"... LOL. I am planning to go try out a real mountain track next week. Gotta check with George first... :-P

For now, I am actually looking forward to cycling this evening.


VP StickonMe said...

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cupnoodles said...

wah lau... vp stickonme, you actually understand what jack is saying? muahahahaha...

Jack... let;s go go go man... i "hiau" to change my bike tires to thick offroad one for RRI sg. buloh liao... hahaha

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