Friday, June 1, 2007

Google Apps and JotForm

Been fooling around with Google Apps and trying out the Google Page Creator, or rather finding ways of not using the built-in templates. It was hours of reading and googling. And all it took was a simple JavaScript redirection to bypass the built-in template to load the custom web pages.

After successfully getting the custom web pages working, I needed to put up an online form. Again, hours of reading and googling, I tried the Bravenet version of a form creator and found it severely wanting.

Decided to go to the "Google Page Creator Discussion Group" and viola... It seems all Page Creator users are using JotForm for their online forms.

I must say that JotForm ( has to be one of the easiest online form builder EVER!!! It's pretty powerful too. The wizard lets you get an online form up in less than a minute. If you want to customise the fields, it is as simple as drag and drop.

When you are satisfied with the final form, you can publish the form in your web page as an iFRAME. Or if you want to, further customise the look and feel, by copying and pasting the full form codes into your web page and edit it from there. To top it off, it even allows the incorporation of a payment gateway from selected vendors.

There are still features which I have not explored yet. Probably try them out later.

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Jack Hii said...

Come to think of it, I think Google should buy up JotForm. It would make perfect sense for Google Apps users to require an online form builder.

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