Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Fruitful Day

Went to Batu Gajah for the weekend. For those who are not familiar with Batu Gajah, it is a small town in Perak about 30 minutes away from Ipoh. To be exact, me and the family went to Kampung Bemban in Batu Gajah. Stayed with my in-laws in their typical Chinese kampung house with chickens running around and fruit trees everywhere.

The wife needed to see the family and do some family stuff. I was looking forward to this trip for a personal reason; my wife's aunt make a killer "bak chang". And its that time of the year... the "Bak Chang" Festival... :-)

Home made Hakka "Bak Chang". Yum yum... they are really da best... :-)

When we reached the house, the first thing I noticed was the Mango tree. It was filled with mangoes on the verge of being ripe!!! I quickly found a mango "harvester" and went to work.

I called it the mango "harvester" for the lack of a better name. It has a hook at the tip and a sack right below it. As you hooked the mango fruit, it drops into the sack. A great invention... I must say.

The "harvester" from another angle.

Btw, the mango tree was heavily guarded by red ants. I was fighting a losing battle with these fiery ants. Each time I hooked the mangoes into the sacks, tons of ants would crawled onto the harvester's pole towards me as I held it.

I swear some of them were conducting aerial attacks... I found myself crawling with ants... and these devils are fearsomely protective of their damn tree.

Of course, being an "ant bully" that I am, I persisted and was quite fruitful in the end, pun intended... :-) The following are the fruits of my labour... LOL... really getting carried away.

These mangoes did not make in into the sack and suffered a 15 feet drop. They had to be turned into rojak asap... yum yum.

The harvested mangoes waiting to be packed into plastic bags.

The mangoes with my weapon of mass destruction, as far as the ants are concerned... :-)

Btw, this was the 3rd harvest... I had previously bagged two bags already.

The mangoes, packed and sorted into 3 bags. 1 bag is about 60 mangoes... :-)

The Mango Tree after being stripped of its fruits.

Hard to believe that I harvested more than 150 mangoes from this tree. Btw, there are still more mangoes in the tree, which I could not reach with the "harvester".

I think in another month I will be back in Batu Gajah again... this time, it will be DURIAN!!! Yeah!.


cupnoodles said...

Since I am one of the beneficiary of these mangos... have to come here and post some comments la... hahaha... thanks jack! But no time to try yet... long meeting la, just got home an hour agao only :(

Will let you know how the mango is later ;)

Anonymous said...

Is presence of red ants on mago trees good for yield of mangio fruits?


Anonymous said...

On my mango tree there are lot of red ants. I would like to know if presence of red ants is better for mango fruit yield or I need to kill all the ants.


Jack Hii said...

I think the ants actually helped in pollinating the mango fruiting flowers. I believe that was why that particular mango tree has tons of mangoes. There were two other mango trees with no fruits or ants at all. Hmmm...

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