Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Idea - Bike Cover

Yup... same trip back from Ipoh but different idea.... how about a motorbike cover? A retractable one at that? Why?

Hmm... there are a number of uses I can think of.

  1. To protect the bike from the Sun, the moon and the rain? Hahaha...
  2. An advertisement medium?
  3. A premium gift item from Shell?

Building on the same idea, how about a bike seat cover? Why?

  1. Fashion statement?
  2. Setting a new trend?
  3. Advertisement opportunity?
  4. Gift Premium from Shell? Or some loyalty crap?
Grasping straws now leh.... perhaps I am. Again, all I need is a prototype... patentable? Of not course lah!!!

Originally posted - 23 Jan · Tue 2007

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