Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Idea - Biker's Rain Coat

Another best idea yet.... while driving back from Ipoh over the weekend, it was raining sporadically with motor bikes zipping in and out of the highway underpass... poor fellows.

They stopped at the underpass, pulled up their seats, grab the raincoats to wear them.

Now why can't someone invent a raincoat that is easy to deploy for these bikers!!! I guess I have to keh-poh and think of a quick and easy way to deploy a raincoat.

Why not have a "raincoat dispenser" installed beneath the front part of the motor bike seat. When the biker detects rain, he stops, reach down in front of his seat, open the dispenser, and "rolled" out the raincoat which is essentially a piece of waterproof plastic with two sleeves for the arms. Then he enable a "catch" to hold the spring tension mechanism to lock the raincoat in place.He dons the raincoat and off he goes.

When the rain has stopped, he takes off the "wind dried" raincoat and release a "catch" to "roll" the coat back into the dispenser for storage via a spring tension mechanism.

Pretty cool I think!!! Now just need to build a prototype... LOL.

Originally posted - 22 Jan · Mon 2007

1 comment:

majek said...

Good idea. I just look out of my window raining, where we have more moterbike doing transport more than Bangkok.(lagos). Averybody riding and looking like a wet chicken.3 million biker in a tropical nation state
All we need is a belt-on kit on the bike and a battery powered fog light on the coat as value added. Am talking business. let get someone to design it.i would market it. Capt Majek. planeconsultng@gmail.com

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