Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Idea - Rank It Lah!

The idea has something to do with Web Site Ranking.

A. Web Master has a choice!

It would be cool if we can offer a web component ranking API that will allow webmasters to get users to review and rank every component of their website!!! EVERY COMPONENT!!!

IMAGINE (only if it does not hurt you... :-)


  1. Visitor comes to your web site.
  2. Visitor clicks on the menu to navigate.
  3. Visitor fucking hates the way the stooooopid menu behaves.
  4. Visitor clicks on a small tiny hyperlink next to the menu to call out a comment and rating form specific to the menu.
  5. Visitor immediately belts out in the form, "The navigation menu on your site SUCKS big time. If and when I come back tomorrow and still sees it like that, you will never ever fucking see me again... u DF."
  6. Visitor select ratings, then submitted the comment!

The idea behind this idea of an idea is for all visitors, to be given an opportunity to review and feedback on EVERY component of a website. All these data are then collected, averaged out and scored by the system... E.g. B+, etc.

B. Web Master has no fragging choice!

It would be EVEN cooler if we can offer all the features in the above, BUT the webmaster has no say or choice.

The system will crawl all web sites information and store them. Next, if and when a visitor wants to complain or compliment the site, they will come over to this rating system to rank and rate the website. All these visitor web site feedbacks, rankings and ratings are then published!!!

Hmmm... come to think of it... this sounds like a stoopid.... idea!!! LOL.

Originally posted - 13 Dec · Wed 2006

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