Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Idea - Interactive Mobile TV

I can already hear KC and Mike scream... "Oh no... not another crazy idea? What?? Not from Chris but from Jack??? WTF?" Well, its just too bad, cause here it is... LOL.

Again try to imagine, only if it does not hurt... :-P

This idea has something to do with Mobile Broadcasting. Recently, a lot of people have been talking about TV on the mobile phone and how movie and TV producers are invited to create content specific for the mobile subscribers.

Some of the proposed content are 20 episodes drama serials or documentaries of 5 minutes per episode length to be downloaded and view on the mobile phone.

My idea is simple, why not extend and incorporate user interaction into these videos. Allow the user to choose the actors' actions or decisions. Each interaction will determine an outcome that is unique.

Bingo!! Yup... that's right... Interactive TV, its been around for many years and has failed miserably for many years. Why? Too many dependencies, thats why. E.g. set top boxes, setting up, additional cost to the free TV, not enough interactive content, content is too lengthy and boring before interaction, etc.

Now apply the Interactive TV concept to the mobile space, where the most personal device to a person is the phone. It goes where the user goes.

What is needed is media player client that is installed in the mobile phone. Any shows downloaded to the media player will have "queues" that will trigger the client to display an interactive panel., where the viewer is able to interact and make decisions, using the mobile phone keypad.

These viewer interactions are sent back to the server where they are stored and analysed.

So what is required, a mobile client, a server and an encoding tool that will allow the content provider to encode their shows into the new interactive format.

Cool or not!!!

Originally posted - 30 Dec · Sat 2006

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