Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Idea - Message in a Panel

What? Another idea so soon... LOL... as usual imagine this.... pain leh... :-)

While you are in your car, whether in a jam or on the highway, have you ever wanted to communicate with another driver, whom you do not know, who is driving next to you, behind or in front of you?

You can't SMS or call him/her. The best you can do is to sign them with your hands and/or other creative expressions.

Well, now you can, imagine you have this LED panel installed in your car where you can type in a message through a keyboard and the message is displayed on the LED panel. You can also insert clipart images in the display as well, to enhance your message... :-P

Of course, the LED panel is portable to allow you to place it anywhere you want.

If your car ever breaks down, you can also use the LED panel to display a warning sign to warn other motorist.

This LED panel technology is not new and has been around for umpteen years... and mostly used for advertisements, information, etc. So if you were to analyse it using the Porter's Model, in terms of entry barrier, it is very week... :-)

Originally posted - 9 Jan · Tue 2007


Jack Hii said...

Someone actually did it!!!


Cool!!! So it was not a stupid idea after all... phew!!! LOL...

Jack Hii said...

Hey... I saw the panel fitted in a car mock-up in American Inventors Season 2 Episode 2!!!

Too bad it received 4 "no" from the judges. I think the "inventors" gave a poor example though. DUh!

Too bad.... nevertheless, I still think it is a good idea... LOL

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